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Our Emergencies Fund plays a crucial role in enabling us to swiftly provide assistance to individuals in times of crises across the globe. Your support empowers us to deliver rapid and effective aid to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies, ensuring that urgent needs are met and lives are rebuilt. Together, we stand ready to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever it is needed, with spirit of global solidarity and compassion. 

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About MHUK

MERCY Humanitarian UK (MHUK), formerly known as MERCY Malaysia UK (MMUK) is a London-based non-profit organisation providing medical and humanitarian assistance to communities in crisis in the UK and internationally.


Are you a Malaysian student feeling depressed at the moment?

Do you need to speak to someone on your mental wellbeing? We are here to listen.

Talian Kasih Mercy

The helpline is monitored and answered by Malaysian volunteers who are trained by professional psychologists. They offer non-judgmental and anonymous emotional support. At the moment, the helpline is open every Monday and Tuesday, from 7pm to 10pm.


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Help us to help them

Our Emergencies Fund helps us support people quickly in crises around the world. Together, we are the world’s emergency responders.